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How do you feel about how the Nick and Jess relationship played out?

Baer: “Originally we had in mind that there would be this all-in Sid and Nancy kind of quality, and there would be at least a push of seven or eight episodes. […] “As we let the relationship golonger, I think they got a little comfortable and it was going along too swimmingly. Most of the fun of the last two seasons has been seeing these two people, who clearly care a lot about each other, butt heads.”

This to makes absolutely NO SENSE BECAUSE THEY NEEDED CONFLICT FOR NOTHING!?!?!?!? yeah ok

I’m not gonna lie, I seriously disliked last night’s episode. I had to rewatch it twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

These writers are saying one thing and doing another, It’s so frustrating to watch them build up Nick and Jess’ relationship only to tear it down because “we’re too different” bullshit. Isn’t there a saying “Opposites attract”??????

I HATE that they were made the focus for this entire season and then have them decide that they were needed to be broken up for some stupid reason.

I’ve watched since season 1 episode 1 and i just can’t process this season as one of the best. To me it wasn’t, it had some really good episodes but overall it was a lackluster season. 

I am just still so bitter over their breakup mainly because why the build? Why the hope? They were fine and they were navigating their way through a relationship that THEY BOTH wanted. Having been in a relationship with someone because of comfort made Nick jaded, the same for Jess.

Maybe I’m blowing this way up but they’re my OTP and I can’t just sit back and watch the writers screw them over.

That’s it. I have no words


Remember when we thought that “Love is Forever” banner had something to do with an anniversary/proposal??? *cries forever*

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